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Every story has a beginning and every beginning has a meaning. To understand what that meaning is, I will tell you more about who I am, what it is like to work with me and why it is beneficial to visit my website for insights on business goals, life improvements and especially web development.

Who Am I?

Usual face taken in 2015Hello there, my name is Frances Naty Go aka Goldlilys. My family migrated from the Philippines to the United States in 1993 and prefers to live in San Diego, CA ever since. I grew up as the middle child of a family of five: a stubborn father, a hardworking and very caring, but too much of a perfectionist mother and two brothers who are like my friends, but can be annoying like any other siblings.

What is unusual about my family is that my parents named all of their kids Franc(i or e)s because St. Francis of Assisi is the name of the church where they were married. I understand that they do not want to forget that special place, but naming all of their kids the same?!! That is one of the reasons why I want to be different and follow change.

SNESGrowing up with no sisters, I adapted and played video games with my brothers. My favorites are puzzle games like Tetris and Adventure/Role Playing games such as Final Fantasy Series, Pokemon, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsXenogears and Zelda Series. Why? I love thinking games where I need a strategy to win and have memorable stories. Make your purchases productive and engaging.

Playing RPG games in console systems led me to play games in the computer. One experience led to another and I graduated with a Computer Science degree at UC San Diego and focused on web development as a career.

Web DevelopmentI chose web development because it changes the fastest out of all the computer technologies that I learned. It also combines art with logical programming (math) since I love balancing things out (I am the middle child, remember ?)

To learn new perspectives, I love to work with designers with different styles and clients coming from different backgrounds. The best way to control who to work with and what projects to work on, I decided to start my very own web development company called Goldlilys Media LLC in 2013.

What Is It Like To Work With Me?

You are who you reflect. So the traits listed here are the same standards I set for myself too.

As a business owner, if you believe in these traits, then I want to connect with you!

  • Know the value of your business
  • Not afraid to grow and learn something new
  • Want to improve your online presence by being unique and offer a memorable experience to your customers

Qualities I look for in collaboration:

  • Be creative and passionate about the projects and produce distinct work
  • Goal oriented and dedicated content writers, designers and/or marketing individuals/entrepreneurs
  • Flexible time management yet delivers projects with the best possible solution and on-time
  • New Perspective: “No box” thinking instead of “out of the box” thinking. Why? Learn from the past to create a better future starting now. With no barrier, you'll be able to see everything.

To see a timeline of our website process, check out Our Process.

How to Learn More From Goldlilys Media?

Want to learn new insights about business goals, life improvements and how those theories relate to web development?

  1. Follow my blog posts and signed up for the newsletter

    • To understand web development and what I do, it is better to tell and show you the concepts that will help me understand your business and vice versa
    • My blog posts also allow me to answer questions that I receive in email or social media that may be relevant to your situation or website
  2. Browse around the portfolio section that includes case study stories for new projects
    • The stories consists of the improvements that have taken place during the development cycle.
    • These websites are examples of what my team can do for your business/organization too. Will be happy to assist you in continually improving your online presence
  3. Connect with Goldlilys Media in all social media platforms for interesting business and website tips, infographics and fun


Goldlilys Media LLC team up with Graphics / UX designers to create Uniquely Creative website designs and Simply Efficient web development features. Everyone has different expertise and, therefore, Goldlilys Media will assign the right designer and SEO specialists to get you what you want while Frances builds out your website as flexible and functional as possible. All you have to do is contact Goldlilys Media.

A few words from our clients ...

"Frances is a true professional. She communicated regularly with us, met all deadlines and took the time to understand the Commission's requirements for the website. I highly recommend her for her skills ond proficiency. "
"I highly recommend Frances for her ability to collaborate with designers, solve complex problems, and maintain a high quality of excellence throughout her work. "

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