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Required Basic Modules for Drupal 7 Projects

Required Basic Modules for Drupal 7 Projects

Are you new to Drupal development? Here is a list of modules that Goldlilys Media usually includes on our projects.

  1. Admin Menu – Replace the default Drupal Toolbar Menu.
  2. Backup and Migrate – Backup the database and schedule its weekly, monthly or yearly maintenance.
  3. Block Visibility – Makes it easy to see the block's options in a column for development.
  4. Ckeditor – Goldlilys Media's favorite WYSIWG editor.
  5. Context – Better way to organize and position blocks of contents on different pages.
  6. Ctools – Must have utility tool for development.
  7. Date – Used for user interface when dealing with dates that includes the pop up calendar.
  8. Devel – Contains helper functions and variables needed to customize Drupal further.
  9. Email – Simpler way to add email fields to content types.
  10. External Links – External links automatically open a new tab or window.
  11. Features – Save content types, views and other settings in a simply made custom module.
  12. Global Redirect – Cleans out all the common URL path issues.
  13. Honeypot – Spam Filter for forms and comments.
  14. IMCE – Best image uploader to include with Ckeditor.
  15. Jquery Update – Updates the jQuery version for Drupal.
  16. Jquery UI Theme – Plugin to use the jQuery UI theme and easily modify it.
  17. Libraries – Needed by other modules that uses external libraries and sort them in a common directory.
  18. Link – To add links to content types and forms.
  19. LoginToboggan - For better security if you have multiple users registering.
  20. Menu Trail By Path – Improve the active trails of the Drupal menu system.
  21. Metatag – An all in one SEO friendly module.
  22. Module Filter – Enhances the user interface for modules listing to easily filter them.
  23. Mollom – Popular Spam Blocker that can be used along with Honeypot for double the security.
  24. Pathauto – Automatically generate URL friendly paths for pages using the title field.
  25. Strongarm – Adds extra power to the Features module.
  26. Token – Stores small texts placeholders that can be used anywhere in the Drupal API for development.
  27. Transliteration – Converts texts from another language to its US-ASCII form.
  28. Views – Allows the display of content types and blocks in any way imaginable using a simple user interface that queries all of the data in the database.
  29. Webform – Drupal's way to make simple, yet effective forms that can be used for contacts, events, surveys and other means.
  30. XML sitemap – A better way to add a sitemap.xml for your sites that can be used for Google and other Search Engines to crawl the pages and improve your website's SEO.
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