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Bloom Package

Learn more about the services we offer for the Bloom Package below. Bloom Package comes with everything in the Sprout Package and Growth Package too. Contact us for any clarification. When you are ready, fill out the Questionnaire to request a proposal.

Custom Programming Features

Depending on your company and how you manage your contents, creating a custom database architecture can make your content management simpler. This helps visitors find information they're looking for faster when the design is intuitive for your ideal audience.

Advanced Third Party RESTful API Integration

When your website requires an external Application Programming Interface (API) from either Mashape OR Programmable Web to autopopulate data for parts of your website, REST, HTTP and JSON comes into play. For example, if you want to find the locations of the closest hospital or restaurant at a certain zipcode, that information can come from an API managed by others who focus solely on gathering that data. Since it does not use internal database server, the load time is fast.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

To make development simpler, we use Hybrid Mobile frameworks that are compatible for both Android and Iphone devices rather than creating a native app for each. Hybrid mobile apps is best developed with a Single Page Web Application in mind so the database and logic code used is reusable.

Single Page Application-Driven Website

Current trend in software development is making single page applications (SPA) that do certain tasks well without needing to reload new pages each time. This web application feels more like a desktop application than your common website. For example, web applications such as Twitter, Trello or Gmail follow the SPA method.

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