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Our Process


Phase 1

I get to know you and your business, and gather information about how you plan to use your website.


Phase 1.2

Then I put together an expert team, including a web designer, web developer, and an SEO expert to discuss best solutions for your project.

User Experience

Phase 2 - 6

User Experience Design (UX) ensures your audience can navigate your site with ease, and find the information they need quickly and easily. UX is considered throughout the design and development process.

Phase 3

Web Design

We first create a wireframe of your website. This "skeleton" version of your site outlines the structure and function of the website and helps guide your site design.

The web designer uses the wireframe and your additional input to create the final design for the website, including the page layouts, colors, and graphic elements (buttons styles, etc.).

Web Development

Phase 4

With the design finalized, the developer can begin building your website and matching the back-end "function" (how a button works, what it links to) with the front-end "look and feel" (how a button looks).

We provide a link to our development site so you can view your website's progress at any point during development.


Phase 5

After the first round of development is complete, your pages and example content are loaded to a Beta Site, where you and your staff can test the site for look, feel, function and usability. We will make any changes you need.


Phase 6

Once you are happy, we load all of your contents and officially launch your website.

We provide you with the tools and training you need to maintain a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) site as you move forward with your chosen SEO expert.

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