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UCSD Visual Arts Department Part II

UCSD Visual Arts Department Part II
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Second re-design of the UC San Diego VisArts website with additional features that the clients wanted. Themed some of the front-end so that the website stays current with Responsive Design for mobile compatibility. The new features include the Slideshow in the homepage, the Diary and History galleries on the About section, the entire Events/News section with calendars, filter options depending on the location, target audience and category of the event. Additionally, there is a Media Channel that grabs the video and description of that video directly from a Youtube Playlist Feed.

UC San Diego VisArts is a project continued from Sage Tree Solutions and given to Goldlilys Media since Frances worked on the first re-design and the clients wanted to make sure that the updates were similarly built and familiar as the first time. Had to train website staff on how to use the new features and how to create new and simple content updates.

The Visual Arts Department at UC San Diego wanted to display information for their current and future students about what they can expect in their education. With the new events calendar feature, visitors can easily find the types of activities that's available on campus, in San Diego, in the nation or even International Programs. Another cool new user interface addon is the History page, which is a timeline of photographs pop-up slideshow, that exemplifies how much the UC San Diego VisArts has evolved throughout the years.

Currently, the site is being managed by the UC San Diego VisArts staff. Goldlilys Media has no control over the changes that are taking place.

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