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Women's Museum of California
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To keep up with the latest web trends, Goldlilys Media updated the entire static HTML site to a fully functional website with a gorgeous design that matches the organization's theme and ideals. Goldlilys Media interviewed the staff of Women's Museum of California to gather enough information about their organization to translate to the website medium. Made it possible so that adding contents to the website won't need any programming knowledge, but with only a few selections from forms using Drupal CMS allows the display of sections in any way imaginable.

From the interview phase, we discussed that the main sections on the site were the Exhibits, Events, Sign Up forms for those events, Memberships and their Online Store where they sell products from women all over the nation and a section that introduces who some of those women are. There is also a more complex area called San Diego County Women's Hall of Fame, which can be described as a Gallery Enclopedia of famous women throughout history that includes their information, photos, and videos. Goldlilys Media made the site interactive and user friendly so that their visitors wouldn't get bogged down by too much information overload like the previous version. Less is more and this is very true for online especially Museum type of websites.

Women's Museum of California helps educate and inspire present and future generations about the experiences and contributions of women throughout history by collecting, preserving and interpreting those experiences through exhibits, public events, and outreach programs.

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