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Sunlight Retainer Package

If you currently have an existing website and want monthly maintenance, see what's included:

  • Monthly security, performance, and module / plugin updates for your website
  • Optimize and Backup Database
  • Run all essential Security Scan, setup SSL / HTTPS and fix issues
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Verify that every part of the website is working properly
  • Small changes to contents, designs or functionality
  • Improving SEO, page audit and speed performance
  • Email Verification setup with SPF, DKIM and DMARC validation
  • Training for new features added to the website

Hours below depend on the number of contents and the complexity of the features created. Once agreement is signed, client contract will last for at least three (3) months before cancellation is possible.


Core and Module / Plugin Updates, Database Backups and Uptime Monitoring Only
5 hours / month
10 hours / month
15 hours / month
20 hours / month
General Rate / Additional Hours
$150 / month
$500 (save up to $250) / month
$1000 (save up to $500) / month
$1500 (save up to $750) / month
$2000 (save up to $1000) / month
$150 / hour

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