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"There is a kind of beauty in imperfection." – Conrad Hall

As I contemplate what blog topic to write about especially a week before the holidays, my mind is full of random thoughts. These thoughts mainly consist of the fun activities I will be doing during Christmas and New Years that are non-business related. Seriously, who is in the mood to write about business during the holidays? While going through my previous posts, I have been writing a lot about brand identity and user interface. But then it hit me, I have not written anything about Goldlilys Media. Therefore, this post will be about the birth of Goldlilys Media and its identity.

The idea for Goldlilys Media was born around mid-2000s when Frances (myself) became a fan of Asian Entertainment such as reading mangas, watching animes and Asian dramas, listening to random music and started experimenting with open source projects including CMSs, frameworks and jQuery. One idea came more ideas and every idea and hobbies were combined to create Goldlilys Media Gallery. Currently, that site is still being revamped due to its huge growth over the past years, which made it hard to maintain. From that idea, Frances grew to love web development along with her other passions and Goldlilys Media (business version) is born.

Some may be wondering where I got the name "Goldlilys" from. One of my favorite flowers is water lilies because of Monet’s famous "Water Lilies" paintings. I remember taking AP Art History during high school and loved two painters, one is Vincent Van Gogh and another is Claude Monet. The gold part replaces water to make it unique and valuable. The design of my website is also inspired by Monet’s painting with a touch of Asian culture.

My favorite Art Eras are Impressionism and Post-Impressionism. Why? Because I love the soft colors and textures. The paintings calm me down and help me relax. These paintings also show the "impression" that the painter sees at a given moment. When you look closely at these paintings, you cannot tell if they made mistakes or not. Why? As I understood it, imperfections gives the paintings perfection. This suggests that a business’s true value depends on the owner’s "impression" of their own business.

Yes, I did mention that I am not going to talk about business … not if your business is one of your passions. Everything is related. What values do you show your clients? Whatever those are illustrates what you think your business is worth. How precious is your business?

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