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What Leads to Perfection and Imperfection?

What Leads to Perfection and Imperfection?

"You have to make every single detail perfect and you have to limit the number of details." – Jack Dorsey

As mentioned on previous blog posts, simplicity is the key to an excellent user interface design. However, getting to the simple state is the hardest part in the process. Why? Because it takes a lot of understanding and conceptualizing to know which details matter and which ones do not.

According to The Details That Matter and The Elegance of Imperfection, a designer’s and developer’s profession is not only to come up with the look and feel and functionality of a website, but it’s also like reading people’s mind. Designers and developers need to be able to think of all the possibilities than can go wrong before coming up with the details to make the projects go right. Avoid as many problems that may occur in the future and present the necessary features to the users clearly.

To understand the details that matter, it is required to interview the clients to figure out what they need and want for their website. It is also essential to figure out what they do not need and want for their website so designers and developers can come up with solutions to make the best outcome from every angle. Both designers and developers must work together to complete the whole project. Why? "The best solutions come from both sides of the brain, built from both the how and the why."

"It forces us to consider how the natural order of our physical world should inform the virtual worlds of information that we create."

From the information gathered from the clients, the pieces that fit well together like a puzzle will be combined. The pieces that do not fit well probably belong to another puzzle. And like any puzzles, the beginning is always the hardest part. Until one by one, all the puzzle pieces match, intermingle and form the big picture, your whole website.

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