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Notes for Clients During the Consultation Phase

In order for Goldlilys Media designers and web developers to create an amazing website, our clients must do their part of the work too. Every business is different. Why? Because everyone has learned and accumulated different knowledge throughout their lifetime. 

We (designers and developers) need to understand our clients by answering these type of Questions:


What are you and your business/organization about? 

  • Tell us a story of why you are doing what you're doing to capture your audience and customers.
  • What do you think sets you apart from others who provide similar, but not the same products or services?
  • Who are your target audience and what do you want them to know and remember from visiting your website?
  • Overall, what makes you and your business/organization unique so that will help us figure out the design that you want for your website and match it to your taste.

What is the goal you are trying to accomplish by having a website?

  • Do you want to create a solution for a particular problem?
  • Do you require events and sign up for members with different roles and access to resources?
  • Do you need to display audios, photos or videos in a stylish and fancy way?
  • Do you want to sell something to your customers?
  • Overall, what is the purpose you are trying to achieve that will ultimately help your business/organization prosper?

How do you want to organize your website? 

  • In terms of sections (top level menu items), and how do each type of content/service relate to each other?
  • What categories do you want for ordering your products or services?
  • Are those categories used for multiple sections or just one?
  • This can be accomplished by using Excel Sheets, Diagrams, Hand Drawn Arrows, Pictures or whatever method that is simple for us to understand your point of view.

Designers and Developers Goal Is To Help You Find Solutions

  • Once we know your story, your likes and dislikes, we will brainstorm the best design to attract your target customers and have them spread the word.
  • Once we know your goals, we will help you figure out the best functionalities to use for your website and make web management as easy and headache-free as possible.
  • Once we know how you want your website to be organized, this will help us create a website that is user-friendly and content-management even friendlier. :D
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