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Besides the creation of an amazing design customized for our client’s business needs and taste, Goldlilys Media also makes sure to utilize secure and flexible technologies that will enhance your and your visitors’ user experience. The user interface of a website with interactivity helps keep your visitors engaged and have more fun browsing through your contents to keep them coming back for more. Having a balance between simple yet functional website can truly make a difference in how visitors view your site.

To make this balance possible, these are some of the technologies that I use:

  1. jQuery – A fast, robust and feature packed Javascript library that makes HTML (texts, images, colors, links, etc) be able to move around, change, animate and do many tricks online. It can make a boring static site look lively, fun and engaging to your visitors.
  2. Responsive Web Design – A new web design technique that enhances the viewing experience for its end-users. It resizes and moves blocks of contents around on the page depending on the browser size. RWD uses media queries that calculate the condition of the browser width, which then makes changes to the CSS styling. Basically, Responsive Web Design helps contents be readable and have better navigation for those who have smaller screens like mobile phones.
  3. E-commerce – Shopping carts made uniquely for your business. I recommend using Drupal modules such as Commerce, Ubercart or Magento for E-commerce sites because they are more secure than WordPress plugins. Especially when you are dealing with transactions and private data, I don’t want to expose your visitors to any security flaws, identity theft, frauds and other online threats. Why? Because this can affect your business negatively and we want to avoid that as much as possible. Why would Goldlilys Media think Drupal is more secure than WordPress? The answer is because the White House uses Drupal with a review by Tim O'Reilly . Why would the government use software that is unsecure if so many people rely on the information presented there?
  4. Email Marketing – Goldlilys Media includes email marketing tools like Constant Contact or MailChimp as modules/plugins for your site. I train my clients on how to use these softwares and seamlessly customize them to match the theme of your website.
  5. Media Enhancements – Watch videos directly on your site instead of redirecting your visitors to another.
    • Drupal with Views and these modules: Drupal Media , Drupal Video or Video JS .
    • WordPress Video Plugin or WordPress Video Lightbox Plugin
    • Goldlilys Media recommends using Drupal if you want a listing of videos with simple management. Why? Because doing this in WordPress requires adding everything to the usual WordPress editor with code tags instead of content fields only. However, if all you want is to add videos to some pages with no listings or easy management, then WordPress is all you will need.
  6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is very important especially if you want to be indexed by Google, Yahoo and Open Directories. These are some of the modules and plugins I use to make this possible:
    • Drupal - Metatags
    • WordPress - WordPress SEO by Yoast
    • Besides adding these features, I make sure to include the proper SEO keywords and metatags to increase your ranking even more.
  7. Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so many more … oh my. What is the best way to display these widgets and help enhance the theme of your website? That really depends on your preferences. You get to choose among these lists for both Drupal or WordPress:

Goldlilys Media is very flexible and will listen to our clients’ needs for any features you want added to your site. These are only some of the choices you can have. We can even custom made features for you and your website alone. How more unique can you get if your website is the only one that has that type of functionality? Inform us during the Consultation and Planning phase so that we are well prepared to increase our productivity while building your website.

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