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Another website accelerator that caches MySQL queries, and PHP executions is called Memcache. Memcache decreases the load on the server, enabling you to deliver the pages to your end-users more quickly because it doesn't need to calculate queries from the database anymore, but fetches it from the memory cache instead.

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In order for Goldlilys Media designers and web developers to create an amazing website, our clients must do their part of the work too. Every business is different. Why? Because everyone has learned and accumulated different knowledge throughout their lifetime. 

We (designers and developers) need to understand our clients by answering these type of Questions:


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Varnish Cache

To significantly speed up web applications, there is a HTTP web caching accelerator called Varnish. Its main point is to cache contents to speed up the delivery of web pages to its end users. The installation of Varnish may be troublesome, but here are the steps I use to get it working on my own server and for Drupal sites:

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Intro to Compass and SASS

There are many open source frameworks that are released to make theming simpler. One of the problems that themers / front-end developers usually face is the amount of CSS3 features that many want to use, but not all of the different browsers has the capability of getting it working correctly. Therefore, CSS preprocessors like Compass and... read more

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